Sales Call for the Week of Sep 16 - Sep 22, 2010

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Sales Call for the Week of Sep 16 - Sep 22, 2010

Sep 16, 2010 9:00 AM, All

Systems contracting company J�rgen Lien Elektronikk in Nordkapp on the island of Mager�ya in northern Norway recently installed a PYKO audio-over-IP network from Digigram to link a number of radio stations across the Nordkapp region and a transmitter site. Just 2103.3km from the North Pole at its most northerly tip, Nordkapp is sparsely populated, but local radio is a vital means of communication throughout the region. The PYKO devices convert analog or digital audio sources to high-quality MP3 or PCM IP streams or play such streams from the network or from locally stored MP3 files. PYKO-In devices have been installed at Radio DSF, the main local radio station in Karasjok, Radio Nordkapp in Honningsv�g, Radio GLR in Kautokeino, and Radio Nye Varanger in Vads�, all have PYKO-In boxes to broadcasts news to the other radio stations.

Radio Notimil, the official radio station for the Armed Forces of Ecuador, has deployed a Barix audio-over-IP network to distribute programming to radio stations in four cities. Dise�os Integrados y Telecomunicaciones (DIT) designed and installed the system on behalf of Radio Notimil, located in Quito City. Radio Notimil uses the IP distribution network to deliver programming to Emerald City, Tulcan City and Coca City.

Journal Broadcast Group has chosen Dat-e-Base from Presslaff Interactive Revenue as the broadcaster's e-mail marketing platform for use across all its radio and television websites. Dat-e-Base sends e-mails, registers website visitors and allows for participation in contests and surveys.

Sales Call for the Week of Sep 9 - Sep 15, 2010

Radio Nacional de Espa�a will implement Dalet Radio Suite HD, and James Fallows used the Comrex Access Reporter Codec (ARC). ...