Salzbrenner Intros Polaris Evolution_0930

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Salzbrenner Intros Polaris Evolution_0930

Sep 30, 2014 1:27 PM

LOS ANGELES� Salzbrenner announces the North American debut of the network-controlled Polaris Evolution cloud-based digital audio mixing system with the Polaris Scala audio DSP unit.

Polaris Evolution

Polaris Scala is the node where all aspects of the Evolution system''s simultaneous audio processing operations originate and come together. The Polaris Scala is where controllers are connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, resources are allocated for the tasks at hand, and where signal sources and output devices are connected. The system features cloud-based operations and flexibility for digital audio mixing and processing.

Each Polaris Scala DSP unit can process up to 256 inputs, 128 matrix channels and 256 output busses that connect via MADI. For larger projects, several DSP units can be cascaded to control several thousand channels. Controllers like Polaris Evolution''s 16-fader Access module, the Polaris View motorized multi-touch screen, computers, tablets and smartphones can be connected either via IP/Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The number of controllers can be selected as required.

The Polaris Evolution cloud-based audio mixing system reduces the limitations of traditional mixing concepts: the available DSP power can be used to configure consoles for stadium tours or to accommodate several simultaneous projects in broadcasting stations, OB trucks, on-site locations during live broadcasts, convention centers or theatre venues. In a multi-user setting, each operator has their own monitoring and talkback lines.

Polaris Scala

Polaris Evolution''s user interface has been streamlined. By default, all channels provide the following audio processing functionality: 6-band EQ, delay, compressor, limiter, multiband compressor, and de-esser. Polaris Scala enables users to create redundant mixing systems within one and the same 3U rack unit, or to set up hardware redundancy based on two separate racks.

The Polaris Evolution cloud-based audio mixing system consists of the Scala DSP unit, the Access 16-fader module and the View motorized multi-touch screen. Adding new functionality requires no hardware modifications. Evolution is built on a software framework that is intuitive, flexible and easily expandable for software-based audio mixing solutions.

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