SBE Announces Ennes 2006 Scholarship Winners

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SBE Announces Ennes 2006 Scholarship Winners

Dec 5, 2006 2:50 PM

Indianapolis - Dec 1, 2006 - The Ennes Educational Foundation Trust, an education-oriented arm of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, has awarded three educational scholarships for 2006. The Harold E. Ennes Scholarship has been awarded to Kate Carney Landow.

Landow's career in broadcasting started in high school with video and film production classes at the Fred N. Thomas Career Education Center (CEC) in Denver. She continued on to the University of Colorado at Boulder and earned a B.F.A. in film.

After graduating, she began her career at the National Digital Television Center (now operated by Comcast), which introduced her to a team of engineers that encouraged her to pursue engineering as a formal career path. Since passing her CBT and earning the CBNT certification, she has also continued her education at the graduate level. The Ennes scholarship will help her complete her final semester of graduate school, earning a Masters degree in interdisciplinary telecommunications from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her objective is to build the foundation for a video lab that will ultimately serve future students interested in testing IPTV signals and video compression.

The Robert D. Greenberg Scholarship has been awarded to Daniel Nevels. He is a member of SBE Chapter 39 and has been appointed the chapter's webmaster. Nevels is a Certified Audio Engineer (CAE), an amateur radio operator Extra Class (WD5ETR) and also holds an FCC commercial radio license with ship radar endorsement.

He works part-time and attends the University of Tampa full-time. He is majoring in music with a minor in electronic music and recording. He has been accepted in the Honors Society at UT and made the National Deans List in 2004-2005 and in 2005-2006. Nevels has been nominated to the International Scholar Laureate Program, Delegation on Music. At the 33rd Honors Convocation in April 2006 he was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Exemplary Academic Performance in Music. His goal is to pursue a career in broadcasting, writing soundtrack and music for commercial radio, TV and motion picture.

The Youth Scholarship recipient is Noah Van Zandt. Van Zandt currently is a freshman at Cedarville University in Ohio where he is majoring in electrical engineering. He previously attended Temple Christian School and was valedictorian of his class. He hopes to pursue a career in broadcast engineering for FM radio, as a station engineer or as a consulting engineer.