SBE Honors Wulliman, Flanders in Awards Program

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SBE Honors Wulliman, Flanders in Awards Program

Sep 27, 2011 10:47 PM

Indianapolis - Sep 27, 2011 - At the 2011 national meeting of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, held in Columbus, OH, Sept. 26-27, 2011, the SBE board of directors adopted a proposal to honor two SBE past presidents for their efforts in advancing the society. Robert Flanders and James C. Wulliman, the SBE's 5th and 6th presidents, are the honorees.

Annually, the SBE chooses and awards recipients for its annual awards program. These awards include recognition of the SBE Engineer of the Year and SBE Educator of the Year awards. These awards have been presented since 1991. The Educator of the Year award recognizes an SBE member who is dedicated to the education of the broadcast engineers through personal writings, teachings, programs and employment and who furthers the goals and objectives of the society. The Engineer of the Year award recognizes an SBE member who has made the greatest contribution to the broadcasting industry and to furthering the goals and objectives of the society.

The SBE board voted to rename these awards the SBE's James C. Wulliman Educator of the Year Award and the SBE's Robert Flanders Engineer of the Year Award.

James C. Wulliman is a past president of the SBE (1973-1975), which carries its own distinction, but more importantly, Wulliman is known as being one of the founders of the SBE Program of Certification and certainly the program's strongest proponent, having been the chairman of the Certification Committee for 20 years. SBE Certification is a major benchmark for the society, and Wulliman was instrumental in creating, establishing and maintaining its foundation.

SBE Certification evaluates an individual's knowledge in the field of broadcast (and now media) engineering. To become certified, one must gain knowledge and understanding of media technology. The certification renewal process requires individuals to further their knowledge through education.

Robert Flanders is also a past president of the SBE (1971-1973) and a charter member. As the fifth president of the SBE, Flanders took steps to bring the society from its humble kitchen-table beginnings to establishing a headquarters office, which he did during his term as president.

Flanders' efforts allowed the SBE to begin providing the quality member services it does today. While the SBE had a firm foundation, it was ready to move beyond a casual system of administration from someone's home. In doing so, the SBE joined the ranks of other professional societies with a headquarters presence that allowed better record keeping and improved administration.

Flanders was instrumental in developing the Leader Skills Course, which has trained scores of engineers to become better engineers and leaders since its inception.

Earlier this year, the SBE honored its founder by renaming its Lifetime Achievement Award the SBE's John H. Battison Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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