SBE Recognizes 2011 Ennes Award Recipients

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SBE Recognizes 2011 Ennes Award Recipients

Aug 13, 2011 10:20 AM

Indianapolis - Aug 12, 2011 - The Ennes Educational Foundation Trust has awarded three scholarships to broadcast engineering and technology students. The SBE members Michael West, Jason David and Clint Mason have been selected by the Ennes Scholarship Committee to receive funding to further their education.

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The Harold E. Ennes and Robert D. Greenberg scholarships are awarded to individuals interested in continuing or beginning their education in broadcast engineering and technology. The Youth Scholarship is an award for a graduating high school senior interested in broadcast engineering as a career. Each scholarship awarded this year is for $1,500.

SBE President Vinny Lopez, CEV CBNT said, "Much time and consideration was put into the selection of these three deserving candidates by the Scholarship Committee. I wish them the best of luck as they continue their education in broadcast engineering."

West, of Tacoma, WA, is the recipient of the Harold E. Ennes Scholarship. West is a sophomore at Napa Valley College in the Broadcast Television Engineering Technology Program and is expected to graduate in May 2012. West is currently learning from maintenance engineers at KTVY Channel 2 in Oakland, CA, through his internship. As a volunteer for the Napa High School Marching Band, West works at football games to help raise money for scholarships for graduating seniors. West plans to purchase textbooks and supplies with the scholarship money.

Davis, of Spokane, WA, is the Robert Greenberg Scholarship winner. Davis is enrolled in Spokane Community College in the Biomedical Equipment Program. Davis realized his interest in the broadcast engineering field after studying RF and fiber optics in a college course. Davis plans to use the scholarship funds for tuition for a networking certificate or degree.

Mason, of Napa, CA, is the recipient of the Youth Scholarship. Mason is a 2011 graduate of Napa High School and is the sound technician for an area church. Mason is a recent participant in a TV television production workshop and is a freelance video editor. Mason will use this scholarship for his tuition at Gonzaga University where he will major in broadcast production. Mason hopes to acquire an internship at ESPN while in college and work for the company once he graduates.

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The Harold Ennes Scholarship Fund Trust was initiated by Chapter 25, Indianapolis of the SBE in 1980 in memory of Harold E. Ennes, author of many textbooks for broadcast and broadcast-related communications training and a member of the Indianapolis chapter. Ennes was a member of the SBE National Certification Committee and made many contributions to the early development of the Certification Program. To encourage greater growth, Chapter 25 transferred the trust to the SBE national organization to administer in 1981. Scholarships presented by the Ennes Trust are made possible by donations from members and chapters of the SBE and companies that do business with broadcast industry.

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