SBE Seeks 100kHz for EAS Communications

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SBE Seeks 100kHz for EAS Communications

Jun 30, 2008 8:57 AM

Indianapolis - Jun 25, 2008 - The Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) filed a request with the FCC to set aside 100kHz in the 700MHz D-block spectrum for nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) use. In comments filed June 18, the SBE suggested the spectrum should be divided into two 50kHz blocks - one from the D-block spectrum in the upper band and one from the lower band.

As envisioned by the Society, the spectrum could be divided into channels and reused nationwide to provide interference-free communications from federal, state and local emergency operating centers to broadcasters and cable operators. The main purpose of the spectrum would be to transmit CAP information.

The SBE proposes bands 758MHz-758.05MHz and 792.95MHz-793MHz to be set aside for exclusive nationwide EAS use and licensed to state and local emergency management agencies. The filing is posted on the SBE website at this link.