Schoeps V4 U Mic Is Vintage and Modern

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Schoeps V4 U Mic Is Vintage and Modern

Jul 11, 2014 3:32 PM

The Schoeps V4 U microphone combines modern technical capabilities with a vintage look dating back to 1951.

The microphone''s aesthetics are based on the Schoeps CM 51/3 mic, but the V4�s capsule, circuitry and mechanical construction are the result of extensive new development.

A 33 mm precisely beveled collar around the diaphragm causes the microphone''s directivity to increase steadily and smoothly at high frequencies, as would happen with a large-diaphragm microphone. At the same time, the acoustic qualities of a small-diaphragm capsule like the extraordinarily smooth frequency and polar response are maintained.

The V4 features a newly developed bridge-type symmetrical, balanced output circuit. The entire audio circuit is symmetrical from the output of the FET onward to the transformer-less output stage. Its high immunity to interference, with gapless shielding and a modern RFI filter at the output, is also touted as a plus.

The V4's electronics allow up to 144 dB handling without any pads corresponding to an output level of 4.8V.

The V4 was designed with studio vocal applications in mind, but it also does well with acoustic guitar, percussion and classic stringed instruments, as well as live performances. The high SPL handling and pure sound makes it a great choice for placement on electric guitar speaker cabinets.


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