September 2004 Contents Online

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September 2004 Contents Online

Sep 1, 2004 11:50 AM

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Featured headlines from the Currents Online in the September issue.

Court Rules File Sharing Companies Not Liable
The main point behind the ruling is that Grokster and Streamcast software can be used for legitimate purposes. If a user chooses to use it in an illegal way, that is not the fault of the company.

Moseley Signs Licensing Deal With APT
The agreement allows Moseley to use APT's Apt-x algorithm for three years.

Avid to Acquire M-Audio
M-Audio becomes a business unit of Avid's Digidesign division and will market its line of computer audio peripherals and software, and audio hardware.

Cox Radio to Expand IBOC Rollout
Cox will upgrade 80 percent of its stations over the next four years. The company currently provides IBOC transmissions in Atlanta, Orlando and Miami.

KCSN Begins Testing IBOC Booster
Transmission tests began in mid-August using IBOC equipment from Broadcast Electronics.