SES Americom Surveys AMC-8 Receive Sites

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SES Americom Surveys AMC-8 Receive Sites

Oct 11, 2006 11:15 AM

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Trenton, NJ - Oct 10, 2006 - SES Americom is surveying all radio network users of AMC-8 to determine the condition of all AMC-8 satellite dishes in use. The survey was prompted by problems that the satellite experienced several months ago. Read that story in the archived Radio Currents at this link.

A letter with a URL, code and password has been sent to all radio stations who are listed as affiliates of Premiere, ABC, WW1 or Jones to gather the information. The networks are working together for the benefit of all the users.

It is important for stations to complete the survey so that appropriate actions can be taken to minimize disruption of service when any changes are made. Stations that did not receive the survey should contact the appropriate network.

The AMC-8 radio neighborhood survey can be accessed at Use the station's five-digit Zip code for the ID and 9999 as the password.