Side by Side: IP Codecs

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Side by Side: IP Codecs

Jul 1, 2012 1:30 AM

AEQ PhoenixComrex Access Rack and Portable 2USBTelos Z/IP OneTieline GenieWorldcast Horizon NextGenAudio I/OXLR (line analog in/out), DB15 (dual AES3 in/out), 1/4� headphoneRack (R): XLR (analog line in/out), XLR (AES3 in.out) Portable (P): XLR (mic/line in), 3.5mm TRS (line in/out), 3.5mm headphone, 3.5mm mobile in/outXLR (mic or line analog in, line out), Livewire, 1/4� headphoneXLR (line analog in/out or AES3 in/out), 1/4� (mic/line in), 1/4� headphone, DB25 (4x analog mic/line in/out or 4x AES3 in/out)XLR (line analog in/out, AES3 in.out)Data path-RS-232RS-232RS-232RS-232Connectivity - standardEthernet x 2Ethernet, POTSEthernetEthernet, USBEthernet x 2Connectivity - optionsISDN module x 2Dual USB for 3G/4G---AlgorithmsG.711, G.722, AEQ LD, Layer 2, PCM (optional: Layer 3, AAC LC, AAC LD)G.711, G.722, BRIC-HQ1, BRIC-HQ2, BRIC-ULB, PCM, FLAC, AAC, HE AAC, HE AAC v2, AAC LD, AAC ELDG.711, G.722, Layer 2, AAC, MPEG4 AAC LC, MPEG2 AAC LC, PCM, AAC ELD, HE AACG.711, G.722, Tieline Music, Tieline MusicPLUS, Layer 2, AAC LE, AAC HE, Enhanced Apt-x, PCMEnhanced Apt-x, Layer 2, PCM. Pending: Layer 3, AAC HEOther I/OUSB, serialBoth: Ethernet, USB, keyboard, mouse, VGA monitor. P: SD card slot, Cardbus slotEthernet, USBBNC wordclockSD card slotTech3326 Compatible?YYYYY*Traversal ServerAEQ serverBRIC-TSZ/IP ServerUses IPv6In developmentContact Closures24844Power90 - 250 VacR: 90 - 264 Vac, P: 100 - 240 Vac/15Vdc/internal battery110 - 240 Vacdual 100 - 240 Vac100 - 250 VacSize1RU x 11�R: 1RU x 9.75�
P: 4.75� x 8.25� x 2.5�1RU x 13.8�1RU x 13.5�1RU x 6.3�AccessoriesMulti-codec remote controlP: USB Wi-Fi modemUSB Wi-Fi stick, USB to RS-232 adapterTieline Codec Management-Options-P: expansion mixer---Weight (lbs.)7.7R: 8.6� � � � �P: 2.2763.3MSRP$2,995R: $3,000� � � �P: $3,800$2,195$4,995$1,

Radio has always had a connection with listeners and the public. In a way it''s the original social media outlet. And radio stations still connect to their audiences through public appearances.

Like all technology, radio remote equipment has moved forward with the times. Establishing a direct RF link is nearly a forgotten practice in larger markets. Even ISDN, once touted as the future of all telephony, has come and gone as a common connection option with many telephone companies dropping the service.

But we are a connected society. It''s rare to be anywhere in the U.S. without some kind of Internet access. IP connectivity has gained importance as a practical means of audio contribution delivery.

In this column we try to present several products in an equal setting so you can see an apples-to-apples comparison of features and specifications. We have done that here as usual, but we have noticed that each manufacturer has its own view of important features. Like any data product, while one unit may shine in a specific situation where another one just gets by, changing the variables can just as quickly shift the application curve to another product.


* With the algorithms pending, Tech3326 is also pending.

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