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Sep 1, 2006 12:00 PM, by Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

Do you remember?

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The McCurdy SA 14023 extended range meter provided accurate self-contained audio measuring in 2RU. It featured a VU meter and optional peak program meter to allow simultaneous monitoring of average and peak signal characteristics. The meter offered a wide input level range from -50 to +30dBm in 2dB steps. It supplied 600O termination or a 20kO bridging balanced input via front-panel �� phone jacks or via rear-panel barrier terminals. The front-panel jack was provided for an isolated monitor output. Simultaneous balanced output provided fixed monitoring. This photo is from 1988.

That was then

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The hard drive turns 50 this year. The RAMAC, or Random Access Method of Accounting and Control, was the original hard drive. It began shipping in the fall of 1956. The system used 50 spinning, 24" -wide disks and offered about 5MB of space. In the 1980s, desktop computer hard disks were introduced with 5MB using 5.25" platters.

Today's entry-level drives have at least 8,000 times more capacity. Just look at the Apple Ipod Nano: 0.27" thin with 4GB of storage. The hard drive has come a long way in the last 50 years.

Photo courtesy of the Magnetic Disc Heritage

Sample and Hold

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Does it matter whether a radio personality is coming to you locally or broadcasting from another city? The results may surprise you.
Source: Paragon Media Strategies, 2006