Sirius Hires Chief Technology Officer

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Sirius Hires Chief Technology Officer

Mar 18, 2002 12:00 PM

New York - Mar 12, 2002 - Sirius Satellite Radio, the satellite radio broadcaster has named Terry Smith as vice president and chief technology officer. Smith, who comes to Sirius after more than 20 years with the Sarnoff Corporation, reports to Michael S. Ledford, senior vice president, engineering.

Smith spent the past decade working as Sarnoff's director, DTV professional systems, where he oversaw the development of digital television systems. During his 22 years at Sarnoff (formerly RCA Research Labs), he led the technical teams responsible for the development and implementation of satellite television for DIRECTV, HDTV and the world's first real-time MPEG2 video encoder, now widely used throughout broadcast and cable television, as well as DVD players. Smith also worked on the development of a variety of Emmy-award winning digital video technologies.

Smith, who earned degrees at the University of Notre Dame and Drexel University, holds or shares 16 U.S. patents in the field of television and digital television. At Sirius, he will be responsible for building up the receiver engineering team, as the company continues to expand.