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We find ourselves in the middle of the year already; time to take vacations and, hopefully, to relax in the heat
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We find ourselves in the middle of the year already; time to take vacations and, hopefully, to relax in the heat.

As Tech Editor, one of my goals is to help you improve your career and work-life balance. If you�re new to Radio, take a look at back issues and get caught up; we�re in the process of helping you make your work life easier. We�re all about getting rid of the things that make your job tough and replacing them with things that make it easier.

Will it happen for you overnight? Probably not.

Will it require tons of money? Nope.

It will take some planning; it will take concerted effort; and it will take focus. Most of all, it will take time. The people who contribute to this magazine are right there with you, working in this field, coping every day, just like you. Stick with us and feel free to remind friends and colleagues that we�re a resource.


It�s not such a good idea to seek forgiveness in lieu of permission, at least when it comes to dealing with the FCC. Lee Petro shares a cautionary example in this issue�s FCC Update.

Even if you are new to the engineering field, you likely know that there is more to �processing� than just the final processors that feed transmitters. This month, we�re featuring an article that explores other processing needs around a radio station: program levelling, caller audio and mic processing. If you ever wondered how some stations maintain that �wall of sound� effect, then read this.

Automation of transmitter site features has been a big theme in Radio over the last year, and we plan to continue it. This month, we�re starting a series on Programmable Logic Controllers: What they are, learning the basics of their use, and then how to put what you learn in to practice.

There has been much talk about the need to introduce new blood to the broadcast engineering field. In the July issue, we feature another training ground as our Facility Showcase: Clark County School district�s LPFM stations in Jeffersonville and Charlestown, Ind. These stations were developed with students� employability in mind. Reading this article should make you more optimistic about the future.

Don�t put down this issue of Radio without reading the meandering thoughts of the Wandering Engineer. He/she considers the future of and what, if anything, can be done to inject some life into the senior band and community broadcasting.


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