SiteShell Transforms Into Platform Licensing Company

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SiteShell Transforms Into Platform Licensing Company

Dec 5, 2001 12:00 PM

Shelton, CT - Nov 27, 2001 - SiteShell Corporation announced that its business and all of its assets have been transferred to Cavalry Finance Corporation, a company owned by several of SiteShell's stockholders including top management. The transfer was made in satisfaction of indebtedness owed by SiteShell to Cavalry and followed an uneventful physical transfer of possession of the assets and operations that was completed before Thanksgiving.

Cavalry also received all rights to the SiteShell name, all of SiteShell's service marks, and other intellectual property. Cavalry is now operating the BlueDot WebSite NetWork and doing business under the SiteShell name. The SiteShell phone numbers and the address of operations for the business remain the same. A spokesman for Cavalry said that it hopes to determine a course of action for SiteShell's business within the next week.