Sonifex Net-Log Makes its Debut into Mexico

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Sonifex Net-Log Makes its Debut into Mexico

Apr 5, 2002 12:00 PM

Northant, England - Apr 4, 2002 - Sonifex has received an order for two Net-Log audio loggers from Nucleo Radio Mil Comunicaciones (NRM). The radio group is based in Mexico City and is one of the main radio networks in Mexico. The deal was collaborated by Diuxi SA de CV, the Sonifex distributor in Mexico.

NRM , which has six radio stations, three on FM and three on AM, was looking for a reliable system capable of storing all-day transmissions from each of its radio stations. The Net-Log provides a dedicated hardware recording platform that uses a network connection for audio playback. Net-Log is able to record four mono or two stereo audio streams for playback over TCP/IP. Audio is encoded in MPEG 2 format and written to a large internal IDE hard disk drive. Playback is carried out by streaming the audio across a network onto one or many PCs.

Additionally, the Net-Log audio logger is now supplied with a 60GB hard drive as standard, increased from 30GB, which allows more than eight months of recording at low bandwidth, and there is an option for a 120GB hard drive to be installed.