Sound Devices Updates Wave Agent Utility Software

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Sound Devices Updates Wave Agent Utility Software

Oct 8, 2008 10:48 AM

San Francisco - Oct. 3, 2008 - Compatible with both Mac and PC platforms, the new software provides comprehensive metadata editing tools for WAV and associate metadata files, as well as file playback for sound files recorded with the company's 7-Series Digital Recorders.

Available immediately, as a no-charge download from the company's website, Wave Agent helps users manage and edit Broadcast Wave file metadata and iXML metadata as well as allowing for batch editing of large file libraries. Wave Agent users are offered the flexibility to modify sound report templates to meet the needs of each project. Additionally, the software generates sound reports in PDF format, ensuring the reports can be viewed regardless of the editing application being used.

The software's interface is user-friendly and is designed for speed, making sense of the often-complex metadata generated by the current generation of field recorders. Wave Agent has a large display for time code, actual time, and remaining time counters.

In addition to the administration of metadata, the software allows for the playback and conversion of any type of WAV file (poly, mono, bit depth, sample rate). Wave Agent converts WAV file between monophonic and polyphonic formats. It also features an intelligent batch mono-combine function. Users also have the ability to control the gain, pan, solo and mute tracks during playback. To help correct sync issues in post, Wave Agent users can modify time code frame-rates to correct mistaken frame-rate settings.