Strategic Analytics Looks at Immediate Future of Radio in Car

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Strategic Analytics Looks at Immediate Future of Radio in Car

Nov 5, 2014 10:01 AM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

LONDON�Digital Radio Update normally includes links to articles that show up in trade magazines meant to reach broadcasters. Therefore I find it especially interesting when someone from outside our industry discusses radio, and in particular, the future of radio in the car; to wit, this blog entry from Strategic Analytics that speaks mainly to our up-and-coming competition for in-car listeners.

It points out some very interesting research items: � 84% of those that use HD radio during the day also listen to AM/FM radio (not surprising)� 79% of those that listen to CDs in the car also listen to AM/FM radio� 53% of those that listen to satellite radio also listen to AM/FM� Internet radio is not drawing listeners away from AM/FM�yet� 76% of those that do listen to internet radio daily also listen to AM/FM radio

Another comment from the author: �Combatting Pandora and SiriusXM will require embracing hybrid radio solutions such as NextRadio and other emerging solutions that stitch together broadcast over the air content with IP delivered material. The crossover between terrestrial and IP is creating a 1+1=3 scenario that is stimulating additional listening and expanding the market for both content delivery propositions. For now, and until the broadcast industry can bring the wireless carriers on board, the omnipresence of Pandora and SiriusXM means these two organizations will take center stage in the U.S. in the battle for the ears of drivers. As an outcome of that struggle, terrestrial radio will see a steady, though nearly imperceptible, decline in listening. And for the time being, the deniability of that decline will be preserved - until and unless the hybrid radio experience is embraced.�

You can read the entire piece here.