Strategy Analytics Emphasizes Importance of Radio in the Car

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Strategy Analytics Emphasizes Importance of Radio in the Car

Jan 4, 2015 10:36 AM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

NEWTON, MASS.�I find that it can be very interesting and instructive to occasionally look at the broadcasting industry from the outside�using the perspective of non-broadcasters.

Here''s an excerpt from a very interesting blog entry published by Strategy Analytics. �What if you were a car maker and I told you I had an app that would work with existing hardware in a car to deliver � at no cost � local (and national and international) news, weather, sports and traffic information along with a wide range of curated music and spoken word content?

�What if I told you the app would also provide emergency alerts and would use an existing network with ubiquitous coverage that would work in your car, your home, at work and online? And what if that app were capable of delivering detailed traffic reports including information regarding the causes of backups and the status of the local response?

�What if I told you the app would work simply with existing controls in the car without distracting the driver?

�That is exactly what the existing car radio is today: a free ad-supported application with location-relevant content and services.�

Hopefully this is preaching to the choir now� we all know what radio is about. Describing OTA radio as an �app'' puts it in 21st century context though. The author of this blog also makes the following important point, among many others: �The challenge for car makers is to recognize the importance of free over-the-air radio and preserve its privileged place in the dashboard. In others words, car makers should be careful not to become too dazzled by the app-oriented frenzy associated with connected cars. Sometimes, in fact most of the time, drivers just want to listen to the radio.�

You can read the entire piece here.