Sumavision Denies Larcan Closing

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Sumavision Denies Larcan Closing

Jul 17, 2014 11:12 AM, Shane Toven, CBRE CBNT

Reports from sources close to the company indicated that late last week, the doors of both the US and Canada Larcan facilities had been closed. An e-mail apparently received from Sumavision by TV Technology claims that Larcan is not closed.

Radio magazine attempted repeatedly to reach numerous direct sources at Larcan offices both in Canada and Colorado late last week for comment when employees initially reported that the company had suddenly closed. Additional attempts were made at various times throughout this week. The Colorado office phone number is apparently dead and only voicemail could be reached at the Canada office phone number. E-Mails to company addresses have not been returned.

In addition to television products, Larcan had produced various products for FM broadcast, including one of the first successful translators for retransmitting IBOC without regenerating the data from audio. It is currently unknown what impact this news will have on current orders or support for existing products.

Via TV Technology with contributions from James O'Neal and Deborah McAdams.

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