Survey: Radio Listenership Remains Strong, Internet Radio Gains Popularity

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Survey: Radio Listenership Remains Strong, Internet Radio Gains Popularity

Sep 11, 2008 3:01 PM

Charleston, SC - Sep 11, 2008 - According to results of a nationwide telephone survey from American Media Services, radio is alive and well despite talk of its demise. The latest AMS Radio Index shows that 64 percent of American adults listen to the radio at least once a day. 80 percent say they usually turn on the radio when they get into their car, and 73 percent said they are listening to the radio as much or more than they did five years ago. Each of these findings is consistent with the past three AMS polls over the past two years.

Among those who have listened to Internet radio or continuous music on the Internet, 39 percent said they listened in the past week, compared with 23 percent who said that six months ago. While 20 percent were familiar with Chrysler's recent announcement that it can install Internet connections in its 2008 and 2009 vehicles, 37 percent said they are interested in having an Internet connection in their current vehicle or their next one.

The national poll was conducted for AMS by Omnitel in a telephone survey of 1,005 Americans adults during the weekend of Sept. 5-7, 2008. The survey is considered accurate within plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Further details of the survey will be reported in Sign Off in the October issue of Radio magazine.