Swedien Holds Critical Listening Workshop

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Swedien Holds Critical Listening Workshop

Mar 16, 2009 9:02 AM

Burbank, CA - Mar16, 2009 - The first Critical Listening Workshop featuring five-time Grammy Award-winning audio engineer/music producer Bruce Swedien was held over a seven-day period beginning Jan. 26, 2009. The event was geared toward enhancing the attendees' ability to critically analyze musical sounds on a continuing basis to further their skills in the technical aspects, performing and production of high-quality recorded music.

Held at Swedien's Florida-based West Viking Studios, logistics for the Critical Listening Workshop were coordinated by Keith Henderson, owner/operator of Rust Productions in Ocala, FL. Henderson routinely assists Swedien in the studio. The workshop featured a look at the design and other pertinent criteria for recording studios and rooms, two days of hands-on microphone training, multitrack multiplexing, plus three days of mixing with Swedien. Structured for the accomplished studio professional as a means of furthering one's skill set, the workshop included several guest speakers: John Jennings of Royer Labs, Art Noxon of Acoustic Sciences, Martin Kantola of Nordic Audio Labs, and vocalist Brent Carter.

This was the first time ever that Bruce opened his personal home studio for a workshop of this nature. There 12 attendees at the event. The workshop was sponsored by Acoustic Sciences, Neumann, Royer Labs, Rust Productions, Sennheiser, Sweetwater and U Audio.