TagStation: Interactivity Defined

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TagStation: Interactivity Defined

May 14, 2014 1:42 PM

The following is excerpted from tagstation.com.

Providing interactivity, enhancing your content, delivering hybrid radio, giving listeners the full experience� Talking about NextRadio-readiness with broadcasters can sometimes sound like a grab bag of euphemisms, we know. So today we''d like to cut through the language and provide some clarity. What''s involved? How much time does this take? We talk all the time about Free and Full TagStation license, but did you know that even within a full license, you have the ability to choose your level of participation based on your own resources? These are conversations we have so often with broadcasters that it just makes sense we have one here on the old blog too, right?

So, what does it mean for a station to be "interactive"?

Being interactive in the NextRadio app means delivering hybrid content: over-the-air audio and enhancements through the smartphone''s internet backchannel. You''re in luck � the audio part is already done! Now all you need is a way to sync up the visuals and text that get displayed along side that audio. How does one achieve this? Though you can build your own solution, we''re going to focus today on TagStation data services � the only commercially available end-to-end solution for hybrid content delivery.

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