TFT Offers Options for Model 3320 CAP-to-EAS Converter

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TFT Offers Options for Model 3320 CAP-to-EAS Converter

May 3, 2011 11:31 AM

San Jose, CA - May 2, 2011- TFT has released new options for the Model 3320 CAP-to-EAS Converter. These options expand the capabilities and applications of the Model 3320 for text-to-speech conversion, external relay closure and an LCD setup panel.

The text-to-speech option turns text in a field of a received CAP message into natural speech. Although the 3320 can decode and translate a WAV or MP3 file in a CAP message into the audio portion of an EAS message, sometimes a CAP originator may choose not to send an audio file and substitute the text translation instead. This saves time for the CAP message originator and eliminates recording, playback and editing before a message is sent.

The relay output option card provides a contact closure whenever the Model 3320 has output or when directed to do so by user programming. This feature could be triggered by a Governor's Must Carry (GMC) message to insert such a message directly into a radio station's audio stream(s). Pending FCC approval, it could also permit the 3320 to function as an EAS encoder. It connects via a serial port on the Model 3320.

The LCD setup panel option can be used instead of an external keyboard, video display, and mouse to configure, re-configure, verify configuration, and view logs of a Model 3320 CAP-to-EAS Converter. The small panel has a multi-line display, LED indicators, and a simple keypad that plugs into one of the USB ports of the Model 3320 for both data and power. This option can be used to set up a Model 3320 quickly or to verify its operation. Logs kept in the Model 3320's memory can be viewed readily.

All these options are available directly from TFT or from any TFT dealer.

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