The Giant Pixel Launches Antenna Radio App

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The Giant Pixel Launches Antenna Radio App

Aug 15, 2014 1:18 PM

SAN FRANCISCO �Startup studio The Giant Pixel Corporation is launching the Antenna Radio app for iOS; an updated version of the app will be available on August 28th.

Antenna delivers a �quick listening� audio experience, offering active listeners a personalized stream of curated talk, news, informational and entertainment-based content.

The app is intended to address the demand from radio listeners who are migrating from conventional radio but want to stay connected to real-time news with personalized content, program flexibility and uninterrupted mobile access anywhere they go, according to The Giant Pixel Corporation.

Antenna offers short-form talk, information and entertainment programing customized to meet each listener''s specific preferences. The app also provides access to regional or location-based information.

�Our goal is to reinvent the terrestrial radio experience, giving listeners access to the world-class talk radio they love, but delivered when and where they want it,� said Elliot Loh, creator of Antenna and co-founder at The Giant Pixel Corporation.

Antenna features more than 1,000 channels of curated content. Channels are selected according to criteria such as quality, length and relevance to the experience users want, and these are further targeted by proximity to major U.S. radio listening markets. Users also have the option of adding location-based weather and traffic updates.

With each use, Antenna learns listener preferences and draws on crowd-sourced ratings to adjust programming in real-time, building up 30 minutes of program clips to match behaviors and tastes.

The app''s interface was designed to help promote radio show producers with a player interface that supports branded program graphics and a channel profile that includes hooks to social media platforms and links directly to selected radio websites. In addition, Antenna plays audio directly from radio program servers, preserving producers'' relationships with listeners and partners.

Download Antenna via the iTunes Store.