The Pick Hits of NAB2005

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The Pick Hits of NAB2005

Apr 21, 2005 1:00 AM

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The Radio magazine Pick Hits are the top technology honor awarded at the NAB convention. First created in 1985, the Pick Hits are the original and most respected awards presented at NAB. The Radio magazine Pick Hits judges look for the top new products introduced at the convention, and then gather during the convention to select the top 15.

The judges act independently and anonymously, and the Radio magazine staff has no vote in the selection process. We limit the final list to 15 new products that have never been shown at a previous NAB convention to ensure their value.

The complete rules and a list of judges will appear in the June issue of Radio magazine with complete descriptions of the winning products. Until then, here's the list of winners.

AEQ DR-100
Aphex 230
Bird BPM-E
Broadcast Electronics 4MX50
Comrex Access
Day Sequerra M2
Day Sequerra M4
Digigram UAX220
Digital Radio Express FM Extra
Harris Flexstar
Marantz PMD660
Potomac PI 4100
Radiosophy Multistream
SAS Rubicon SL
Translantech Ariane Sequel

Unlike other awards from the convention, we publish a formal set of rules for the Radio magazine Pick Hit awards. We will also reveal the names of the judges.