The Top Radio magazine Stories of 2008

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The Top Radio magazine Stories of 2008

Dec 23, 2008 12:23 PM

It's been a busy year for Radio magazine online. We've added more features than ever before including webinars and blogs, and more ways for you to communicate with the Radio magazine Forum, Talkback: The Radio Blog, and most recently, commenting on articles. We've reorganized and shuffled, hopefully making it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Many things have happened in the past year and in case you missed any of it, we've compiled this list of the top articles of the year. Radio magazine has been covering the newest and most technical information for 15 years, so you'll see articles from the past in these lists, as well as ones from the past year. Enjoy!

Top 10 Articles from the Entire Site
1. Electronic Symbols True Type Font
For the second year in a row, this article tops the list. This handy downloadable electronic symbols font set is available in our Engineer's Notebook.
2. FCC ID Number Lookup
Identify manufacturers and parts with FCC IDs, also in our Engineer's Notebook.
3.RF Combiners
Several ideas to know when discussing combiners are covered in this 2001 article.
4. Passive Audio Attenuators
Although less commonly used today, this article on passive attenuators keeps popping up on our list.
5. Today in Radio History
A look back into radio's past, day-by-day.
6. Changes in Tower Standards
A brief history of the revision to the tower standards from 2004.
7. Shielded-Loop AM Antenna
Another useful article from our Engineer's Notebook, looking at loop antennas.
8. Federal Regulation: Media Must Wear Safety Vests on Highways
Safety usually gets a lot of hits on our website. That's why this past October's article on highway safety ranks number eight this year.
9. RF Amplifier Basics
With so much attention on IBOC, it is appropriate to step back and review the basic principles of RF amplifiers.
10. Tower Inspection and Climbing
Friendly tips and reminders for those who look down on the rest of us, in a figurative sense.

Top 10 RF Engineering Articles
1. July 2008: Tweaking the Antenna System
2. November 2006: The Road to Antenna Maintenance
3. February 2008: Radio Broadcasting and 700MHz
4. November 2007RF Filters
5. September 2006: FM antennas and radiation
6. September 2006: FM Antennas and Radiation
7. January 2006: Transmission Lines
8. January 2007: Living With Your License
9. November 2005: Three Phases Are Better Than One

Top 10 Currents Items
1. Federal Regulation: Media Must Wear Safety Vests on Highways
2. The Radio Magazine Pick Hits of the 2008 NAB Show
3. Orban Introduces Free Loudness/Level Metering Software
4. 119th AES Photo Blog - Oct 8
5. Never Mind the Strap, Take the Whole Tower
6. With New Administration Comes Change for Broadcasters
Radio Currents Online - Mar 18 - Mar 23, 2008
8. Advancement in Radio Technology Awards Winners
9. Radio Currents Online - Dec 24 - Jan 6, 2008
10. FCC Ordered to Study Bird-Tower Collisions

Top 10 Infrastructure Articles
1. Eye on Radio
2. Martha Quinn's RadioBu
3. A Clear Consolidation
4. The World's First
5. Americom Reno
6. Bob and Tom make big plans
7. Comfort & Sound
8. Upbeat Digs
10. Streamlined Station

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The Top Radio magazine Stories of 2008

Dec 23, 2008 12:23 PM

Top 10 Digital Radio Articles
1. The HD Radio System
2. Canada Rules to Allow HD Radio
3. FCC Seeks Comments on FM IBOC Power Increase
4. Ibiquity Offers HD Radio Rebate Program
5. Insignia Offers Two HD Radio Receivers
6. Better Recepter Reception
7. Philippine Radio Station Adds Multicasting
8. The IBOC FM waveform
9. NPR Sheds Light on HD Radio Coverage
10. HD Radio for a statewide network

Top 10 IT Technology Articles
1. Rivendell Automation
2. Computer-based Automation
3. Radio Automation
4. Inside Automation
5. Clean Up the Audio
6. Barix Technology Instreamer, Exstreamer
7. Edirol UA-1EX
8. Orban Optimod-PC 1100
9. Enco Systems DAD
10. Automation Server Performance Enhancement

Top 10 Transmission Articles
1. Tower Inspection and Climbing
2. Measuring Modulation
3. Where does the signal go?
4. Antenna Basics
5. Tower Maintenance
6. FM Antennas and Radiation
7. RF Filters
8. A Foundation for the Future
9. RF Amplifier Basics
10. Transmission Lines

Top 10 Studio Audio Articles
1. The right choice in an On-air console
2. Rise of the Console
3. The Changes in Automation
4. AudioTX Communicator
5. Olympus LS-10
6. The right choice in an On-air console
7. The Alphabet Soup of Codecs
8. On-air Telephone Interfaces
9. Mic Processors and Preamps
10. Digital Audio Workstations

Top 10 FCC Articles
1. XM and Sirius experiencing regulatory problems
2. FCC considers low-power AM
3. FCC revising RF radiation rules
4. Review of political broadcasting rules
5. FCC continues active enforcement of radio rules
6. LPFM rules and proposals released
7. FCC issues surface in presidential race
8. Market sizes under new rules
9. FCC may help daytime AM stations
10. FCC clamps down on Longley-Rice

Top 10 Viewpoints
1. A report card on HD Radio
2. How is HD Radio really doing?
3. License? Who needs a license?
4. How to make HD Radio succeed: do nothing
5. Convention time
6. A day in the life
7. What do consumers know?
8. The next step in EAS
9. Have a little respect
10. Connections

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