Tieline Announces Streamlined Report-IT Enterprise Sales Model

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Tieline Announces Streamlined Report-IT Enterprise Sales Model

Jun 17, 2014 11:28 AM

Tieline Technology has implemented a new sales model to streamline Report-IT Enterprise and make it simpler for engineers to build scalable smartphone reporting networks.

Report-IT Enterprise is cloud-based, and for remotely managing and configuring smartphone reporting across both small and large broadcast networks. Engineers with a system administrator account configure user accounts remotely using Tieline's free Apple or Android TieServer Console apps, or the optional PC/Mac TieServer Console using a Web browser. Users download the free app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store and can go live to the studio in seconds at the touch of a button.

The new Report-IT Enterprise model features a low one-time establishment fee which includes the first year's subscription for 10 users, without device restrictions. A low annual subscription applies for the 2nd year onwards. You can also purchase additional user subscriptions in blocks of 10 and build a network of users to suit your requirements. Access to Tieline's optional PC/Mac TieServer Console browser-based configuration software can be purchased for a low annual subscription.

The new user-based model is less restrictive than the previous device-based user model, which limited flexibility for some users installing Report-IT on multiple devices.

Existing customers who have purchased Report-IT Enterprise 10 Packs, 50 Packs and 100 Packs can maintain their old Report-IT Enterprise arrangement, or migrate to the new structure seamlessly. They will not have to pay an establishment fee and can simply transfer to the new annual subscription model.