Toyota's Entune adds HD Radio to a Media Cornucopia

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Toyota's Entune adds HD Radio to a Media Cornucopia

Jan 19, 2011 11:27 AM, By Mark Krieger

If you're lucky enough to own a new Ford equipped with that company's premium Synch media package, take a look in the rear view mirror -- that's probably a Toyota following you. At least that's the way it seemed as the Japanese carmaker introduced its new Entune multimedia system with HD Radio at CES 2011.

Like Ford's Synch, Entune is designed to tap into a user's smartphone to deliver a number of online communication, navigation and media services, as well as specialized apps. But Toyota claims their new voice recognition interface is safer, more intuitive, and less distracting to use than those of its competitors.

Earmarked for select 2011 models, Entune will handshake with the popular Android, Blackberry, and iPhone platforms as well as certain 3G/4G phones, and its built-in HD Radio technology includes iTunes tagging. GPS navigation with real-time traffic and information services are also available as is XM satellite radio.

Toyota will also be featuring Entune at this week's North American Auto Show in Detroit.

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