UK DAB+ Test Comes To Successful Conclusion

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UK DAB+ Test Comes To Successful Conclusion

Jan 7, 2015 1:15 PM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

The U.K.''s first major test of DAB+ (as opposed to DAB) has concluded successfully after 4 months on-air, according to Broadcasters and mux operators are assessing the advantages of DAB+ in the U.K. The DAB+ standard is used throughout continental Europe for digital radio transmission.

Part of the aim of the DAB+ test was to measure listener response with DAB and DAB+ transmitted simultaneously, especially near the �edge'' of the service area. Listeners were actively encouraged to provide feedback about the DAB+ tests.

Broadcasters in the U.K. are interested in taking advantage of one particular benefit offered by DAB+: a better balance of cost vs. quality of transmission. Radio stations there are charged a fee for the mux transmission based on the bandwidth they use. �DAB+ allows the same service to be broadcast at the same quality on lower bitrates, saving money, making the jump to digital more affordable for radio station operators, including community radio stations,� according to the article.

Britain''s Office of Communications (Ofcom) has stated that some of the bandwidth (30%) on the forthcoming 2nd national Digital radio multiplex network will be set aside for DAB+. Ofcom also said that use of DAB+ on existing networks would be reviewed on a �case-by-case'' basis.