Update on WUVT Project

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Update on WUVT Project

May 3, 2007 9:27 AM, >by Chriss Scherer, editor

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Blacksburg, VA - May 2, 3007 - After news of the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy was distributed, radio broadcasters learned that one of their own, Station Engineer Kevin Sterne, was one of the people injured. Sterne and his family requested that donations and support be directed to the campus station while Sterne heals.

At that time, the station was operating at a reduced power level. On April 27, the station received a part that it had ordered for its Broadcast Electronics transmitter. That part was installed, and the transmitter was further tuned and returned to the air at its full 3kW that evening.

That same day, the Society of Broadcast Engineers and Clear Channel began combining their efforts to help the station realize its goal of moving the transmitter facility out of the current elevator penthouse. Cumulus, who owns the tower that sits on land owned by the university, joined the effort, because this tower site had already been identified as a potential site for the relocated facility. On May 2, the school gave the go ahead to commence the process of investigating a tower move.

Over the weekend and the first days of May, several manufacturers offered support through equipment of services. Clear Channel had already offered a 5kW Harris transmitter, six-bay ERI antenna and a prefabricated building for the new site if they were needed. ERI has offered to retune and modify the antenna as needed by the station.

Orban, Dielectric, Telos/Omnia/Axia and, through the SBE, consulting engineers Hammet and Edison and the law firm of Booth Freret, Imlay and Tepper have all offered to assist if they can. As the project details are determined, specific needs will be decided. Other companies continue to come forward to offer assistance. Donations of materials and services can be directed to Chriss Scherer, president of the SBE, at cscherer@sbe.org.

There will be certain aspects of the project that cannot be donated, and the station still seeks financial donations to offset these costs. Send these to:

att: "Kevin" or "Transmitter"
350 Squires Student Center
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0506

There is also a secure donation space online at www.wuvt.vt.edu. Select DONATE from the menu. In the space for "Show/DJ/Time Slot to Credit" enter "Kevin" or "transmitter."