ViaRadio Commences Florida Emergency Notification Infrastructure Project

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ViaRadio Commences Florida Emergency Notification Infrastructure Project

Apr 7, 2010 11:54 AM

Melbourne, FL - Apr 6, 2010 - ViaRadio has launched a statewide RDS-based emergency alerting infrastructure project with the support of the state of Florida Division of Emergency Management. ViaRadio has provided Hearo local alert receivers to every county in the state. Urgent alert messages are received by specialized Hearo receivers and other media.

ViaRadio will be able to offer municipalities and other government entities across Florida access to the Envoy Emergency Solutions platform. Envoy Emergency Solutions provides a turn-key platform for disaster warning and communication outreach to citizens, government officials and emergency management teams. Envoy Emergency Solutions platform uses the existing FM radio infrastructure to offer emergency warning and communications tools. This FM/RBDS-based deploys unlimited, time-sensitive notices quickly to advise about disasters and provide community outreach and education notifications.

Envoy Emergency Solutions delivers unlimited, time-sensitive text messages to viaRadio's Hearo local alert receivers. Hearo receivers acquire text messages in English and Spanish through standard FM radio frequencies. Hearo receivers are also compatible with ADA-compliant accessories including strobes and thumpers. Hearo radio receivers also carry NOAA weather warnings and have a 60-hour battery life in case of a power outage.

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