Vision Critical Survey: iPhone Users Want FM Tuners

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Vision Critical Survey: iPhone Users Want FM Tuners

Jun 30, 2010 10:33 AM

Vancouver - Jun 20, 2010 - A study from interactive research and technology firm Vision Critical looks at the features that would get consumers excited about the iPhone. The online survey of more than 4,000 adults across the US, UK and Canada was conducted on June 16 and 17, 2010, following Apple's announcement of the new iPhone 4. The new phone features a higher resolution screen and front-facing camera but no FM tuner.

Consumers who already own or are likely to get a smart phone in the next six months were asked to choose from a list of possible features that are not offered on the iPhone 4. The FM tuner was one of the most popular features across all countries surveyed.

Interest in an FM tuner is particularly high in Canada. The feature ranked first choice among Canadian smart phone owners and intenders with 43 percent identifying it as one of the features in which they would be most interested. In the UK a tuner tied as second most popular feature with 34 percent expressing interest, and in the US it tied for fourth with 30 percent of Americans saying they would be interested.

List of features not offered on the iPhone: Which, if any, of these features would interest you the most? Feature (results in %)CanadaUSAUK FM radio tuner433034 Choice of wireless networknot asked39not asked A 4G network353830 8 megapixel camera283345 Larger display253030 Wireless syncing292834 Removable battery242728 Physical keyboard (not touchscreen) 172119 None of these171619 Base: Smart phone user and those very or somewhat likely to geta smart phone in the next six months.

The survey suggests two reasons for the higher interest in the FM tuner in Canada: 1. Mobile data charges are higher in Canada, which saves on streaming charges; 2. Local FM radio remains more attractive to smart phone users in Canada because royalty agreements make Pandora and other services illegal in Canada.

Results are taken from an online survey on June 16 and 17 of 4,053 adults, using nationally representative samples from Vision Critical's panels in the US, UK and Canada. A total of 1,004 adults were surveyed in the US; 2,018 in the UK; and 1,004 in Canada. Subsamples of smart phone owners and intenders were as follows: 428 in the US; 771 in the UK; and 356 in Canada.

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