V-Soft Adds Database Auto Updater

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V-Soft Adds Database Auto Updater

Jul 6, 2011 12:56 PM

Cedar Falls, IA - Jun 301, 2011 - V-Soft has released a new system for updating various dynamic databases used by its AM, FM, TV and microwave allocation software. In performing frequency allocations studies it is important to always use the latest FCC or Industry Canada data. In the past, the processing of downloading, unzipping and updating numerous databases to different folders was time consuming and prone to operator error. The new system contains a Windows-based interface to configure data downloads and is intended to simplify the process of updating data. This program is free of charge to users on V-Soft's technical support program.

In addition to transparently updating the program executables, the new program will automatically determine which databases the client user is authorized to download. An initial setup is required where the user enters the user name and password. A click of the "Check Authorization" button will show a list of databases that the user is subscribed to and authorized to update. Once the program has been set up by the user it can be programmed to automatically update the user's entire set of data through the computer's task scheduler.

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