V-Soft Adds Features to FM Commander

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V-Soft Adds Features to FM Commander

Jun 10, 2008 11:29 AM

Cedar Falls, IA - June 10, 2008 - V-Soft's FM Commander has added a number of new features in build 28, which is the latest version of the program. Some of the new features are functional revisions, while others are more cosmetic.

The Defaults Setup screen now has an option button group that allows the user to select the default overlap mode for contour-to-contour studies. This is the interference checking mode the program establishes when initially started. When the Direct Line option is selected, the In/Out columns on the main screen will display the calculated contour overlap distances on the direct line between the reference station and the database station. If Show Overlap < is selected, the program will check all reference station to database station contour relationships and flag contour overlap it finds by displaying < in the In or Out columns. This process displays the < when the program first detects contour overlap and then the checking process moves to the next station, consequently this process is faster than the Detailed mode which checks all azimuths for the greatest amount of contour overlap. If the Detailed option is selected, the program will show the greatest amount of overlap calculated in the In and Out columns. Once a selection is made, the setting will be employed at every start-up. The algorithm for Detailed mode has been optimized significantly, reducing the time to display a screen in this mode.

Other features include:

  • The reference station's call sign that is printed when the main screen table is listed or printed is now colored green and the overlap margin distance for the reference station will not be colored red. (Since an FM station does not cause interference with itself, red color flagging of the reference can be distracting.)
  • The name of the terrain database in use now shows up on the Find Information Screen when the program is in the interference mode.
  • DTV TV 6 stations have up to 18 characters in the file number (FM Commander previously had delivered only 16.)
  • New progress bar on the splash screen with a summary of quiet zone issues.

Another new feature is the screen setting Text Background color selector. This was added to make it easier to select a foreground text with a matching background of the user's choice.