Walters-Storyk Designs Gap Digital Radio Complex

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Walters-Storyk Designs Gap Digital Radio Complex

Oct 24, 2001 12:00 PM

Wheaton, IL - Oct 21, 2001 - Walters-Storyk Design Group has developed a three-studio complex for GAP Digital, one of the only U.S. recording studios specializing in the production of long-form radio drama. The 3,000 square-foot facility is located in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton, adjacent to Wheaton College.

In addition to completely refurbishing Studio A, which measures 420 square-feet, WSDG has converted a small office into a third room, Studio C, to serve as a music composition suite for GAP Digital's in-house composer Steve Wick. The next stage of the project is the redesign and renovation of Studio B (225 square-feet), home of sound designer Glen West. Studio B, scheduled for completion summer of 2002, will feature the expansion of one of the only Foley rooms, complete with pits, found in the Midwest.

Each studio is equipped with a Fairlight MFX3Plus digital audio workstation on a Medialink network. Studios A and B each house a Sony DMX-R100 digital console. Studio A features a 42-inch retractable plasma flat screen, Genelec surround monitors, and Bag End Elf subs. WSDG integrated their design around a central machine room which networks virtually all resources in the complex. The entire facility is protected electrically by a 6KVA UPS.

Sound isolation was a particular challenge in the restoration. GAP Digital is located less than 100 feet away from a major rail line.