WAMU-FM to Receive 2009 NAB HD Radio Multicast Award

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WAMU-FM to Receive 2009 NAB HD Radio Multicast Award

Aug 3, 2009 10:11 AM

Washington, DC - Aug 3, 2009 - The National Association of Broadcasters announced the winner of the third annual NAB HD Radio Multicast Award. WAMU-FM, Washington, DC, will receive the award for its Bluegrass Country (BGC) stream, 88.5-2. The award will be presented during the NAB Radio Luncheon on Sept. 25 during the NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia.

WAMU-FM 88.5-2 features 70 weekly hours of content, including several local personalities hosting such programs as The Katy Daley Show, The Ray Davis Show and Stained Glass Bluegrass. The station is dedicated to enhancing communication with listeners through its redesigned website and several social networking sites, and further serves its listeners by sponsoring concerts, organizing live broadcasts and hosting a variety of events for the bluegrass community.

Winners of the NAB HD Radio Multicast Award are recognized for their ability to create innovative or groundbreaking programming on their multicast channel. To be eligible for the award, stations submitted information about the channel's programming, on-air personalities, promotions, branding elements and Web sites to illustrate the qualities that make their multicast channel separate from their main station.

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