Waves Streaming Systems Widely Adopted

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Waves Streaming Systems Widely Adopted

Apr 24, 2002 12:00 PM

Las Vegas - Apr 6, 2002 - A significant number of radio stations, including Sirius Satellite Radio, have adopted Waves' Maxxstream products for their digital audio streaming requirements. Maxxstream integrates audio encoding supporting multiple encoders formats and bit-rates simultaneously with audio capture, processing, archiving and transmission. Sirius Satellite Radio has installed 15 M200/4 Maxxstream systems for its broadcast studios and transmission facilities in Manhattan. With these systems Sirius can support audio conditioning on as many as 60 stereo channels that will be transmitted digitally by satellite to subscribers across the U.S.

Many European radio stations have implemented Internet streaming sites with Maxxstream. These firms include Swiss Radio (SRI), Belgium Radio (VRT), Norwegin Radio and several German broadcasters including WDR, MDR and BR.