WBU-ISOG Renamed as “International Media Connectivity Group”

International Media Connectivity Group also gets new mandate
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NEW YORK� This week, the members and participants of the World Broadcasting Unions� International Satellite Operations Group agreed to a name and mandate change.

�As IMCG, we are committed to becoming the central platform for tackling all the issues that the digital era is bringing us by reaching out to all players,� said Akira Ogawa, chair, WBU-ISOG.

2015 also marks the 30th anniversary of the group, which used the milestone as an opportunity to review its mandate and direction of this committee. The group�s new name will now be the International Media Connectivity Group or �IMCG,� reflecting the many transmission methods broadcasters and content providers use today. The name and mandate changes are effective immediately.

According to a release, the WBU-IMCG �mission is to identify, evaluate, educate, and where appropriate, implement solutions for all operational matters associated with transmission (collection and delivery) by any means and to any platform of video, audio, and broadcast-related data from any location where news, sports, special events and entertainment originate and/or is distributed.�

The group will consider issues of transmissions/delivery of audio/video data using Internet protocol and any media platforms.

�The evolution of ISOG is both desirable and necessary,� Michael McEwen, head of the WBU. �We live in a connected world and broadcasting is on every platform, both for collection and distribution. Acknowledging this reality, and setting new principles of work with all the industry players to improve the efficiency of transmission, work flows and quality of these transmissions, is simply the right thing to do. Congratulations on the new name and mandate and may the IMCG bring tangible benefits to us all.�

The WBU is the coordinating body for broadcasting unions who represent broadcaster networks across the globe. It was established in 1992 as a coordinating body at the international broadcasting level. Since then, the WBU has provided global solutions on key issues for its member unions. The North American Broadcasters Association acts as secretariat for the WBU.