Wegener, Microspace Reaffirm Commitment to Christian Radio Consortium

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Wegener, Microspace Reaffirm Commitment to Christian Radio Consortium

Feb 9, 2009 8:21 AM

Duluth, GA; Raleigh, NC - Feb 6, 2009 - Wegener and Microspace Communications have jointly reaffirmed their long-term commitment to serving the Christian Radio Consortium (CRC), a group of Christian radio satellite program distributors. A decade ago, the CRC agreed to standardize on a platform of Wegener DVB-compliant satellite media receivers, the Wegener Compel network control system, and Microspace's Velocity satellite delivery services so that they and their affiliates could transition smoothly from analog to digital broadcasting.

By standardizing on Wegener satellite receivers, CRC members, including Salem Radio Network, Moody Radio, Skylight Satellite Network, IRN/USA Radio News, and VCY America Network, established a cost-effective platform by which thousands of Christian radio stations could easily select from the hundreds of faith-based programs offered on dozens of CRC member radio networks.

Chicago-based Moody Radio, one of the nation's premiere Christian radio networks, recently upgraded its Wegener Compel network control system. With this upgrade, the Compel system in Moody's network operations center now has the latest Compel software for the most efficient, addressable scheduling, management, and delivery of content to its affiliate network. Moody owns and operates 35 U.S. radio stations and provides programming to more than 400 radio affiliates, serving more than one million listeners per week.

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