What Does It Mean to Be a Broadcast Engineer?

And does the job title really matter?
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ALEXANDRIA, Va. � What does it really mean to be a broadcast engineer? (And does it matter?)

Kathy Pretz considers this question in a blog post entitled �Has the Title �Engineer� Become Meaningless?� for IEEE�s The Institute.

In it, she shares reader comments on two previous posts about the role of an engineer that reflect discomfort in the various modern and informal uses of the title.

�Readers of both posts complained how the title engineer is being used to describe a variety of positions. That includes garbage collectors, technicians, mechanics, machinists, locomotive operators, and repair people. Some wondered whether someone who writes software should be called an engineer,� Pretz writes. �And what about circuit designers, one asked. Don�t they engineer?�

However, the issue of licensing and legality is also significant � Canada, Brazil, Chile and Turkey all regulate this much more closely than the U.S.

Read the individual comments and the full post online here.