Wheatstone Announces Support for Stardraw

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Wheatstone Announces Support for Stardraw

May 2, 2002 12:00 PM

Las Vegas - Apr 12, 2002 - Following Stardraw.com's entry into the broadcast market at the recent NAB with Stardraw Radio, Wheatstone has announced its full support of the Stardraw Radio package across its entire product range. The partnership between Stardraw and manufacturers such as Wheatstone offers both parties a way of adding value to their products and supporting their customers.

Because today's radio consolidation projects involve increasingly complex integration of consoles, routers and peripheral equipment, Wheatstone is able to use the tools to generate high quality pre-sales engineering documents and incorporate that information into its production phase documentation. The symbols libraries, which will soon include the entire Wheatstone product line, help to streamline Wheatstone's documentation process and allow the broadcast industry with greater access to its products in a way that can improve business for all parties involved.