Wi-Fi Alliance Developing LTE-U Tests

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AUSTIN, TEXAS�Some consensus is developing around Wi-Fi coexistence with LTE-U (LTE over unlicensed spectrum).� A test procedure for ensuring that the two technologies interact fairly is in the works, according toWi-Fi Alliance.� The Alliance has taken the lead as the primary place for members to express skepticism and concerns over how well theLTE-U Forum�s LTE-U specifications will work when deployed with Wi-Fi nearby, according to rcrwireless.com.

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Nearly 75 percent of Americans said that always having Wi-Fi access is important in their daily lives, and they reported having, on average, four Wi-Fi enabled devices. �At the same time, less than one-quarter of Americans surveyed has heard of LTE-U, and even fewer were familiar with the term LAA (License-assisted access, the version of LTE-U which is being standardized for LTE Release 13). However, according to Wi-Fi Alliance, �three-quarters of Americans would be concerned about a technology that could jeopardize their access to free Wi-Fi availability. Moving forward, more than half of Americans say they are interested in the issue as it unfolds.�

LTE-U relies on Qualcomm�s carrier-adaptive-sensing technology, as well as duty cycling, in order to avoid interference with Wi-Fi. �The LAA version of LTE-U implements a listen-before-talk mechanism. The Wi-Fi Alliance�s work will not determine what mechanisms might need to be added to LTE-U to ensure fair sharing � the testing will simply focus on�whether the technology does share fairly.