WinMedia to Introduce Updates at IBC 2014

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WinMedia to Introduce Updates at IBC 2014

Jul 16, 2014 12:18 PM

At this year''s IBC on September 12-16, WinMedia will showcase its latest release of WinMedia TV and WinMedia Radio.

IBC highlights for WinMedia in Radio:
� New publishing tool
� New advertising management module
� New UGC and interactive radio features

WinMedia Radio covers the entire news and music production chain and facilitates fast content delivery to multiple devices. The software manages all types of multimedia content, including audio, video, images, texts, and allows broadcasters to operate their radio, TV, and digital production within a single system. Demonstrations of the complete functionalities of workflow-specific tools for WinMedia Radio will be featured at WinMedia booth.

WinPublish, a new WinMedia module that streamlines content publishing on RDS, using the UECP protocol, as well as on social networks, is also featured at IBC. Advanced scenarios offer a wide array of setup options, including live text display, while the integrated workflow engine automates processes in the background to facilitate distribution. WinPublish facilities managing social media content. Offering more than just a straightforward way to publish content on social networks, WinPublish fully integrates user-generated content (UGC) into a station's workflow by allowing the host to easily select posts to be used on the station's website.

Fully integrated with WinMedia Radio, the new WinSales platform offers real-time online ad booking. The solution provides broadcasters with tailor-made customer relationship management.