Wired For Sound Records in the Field with Sadie LRX2

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Wired For Sound Records in the Field with Sadie LRX2

Mar 3, 2009 8:15 AM

London - Feb 27, 2009 - London-based Wired For Sound has been using its Sadie LRX2 location audio workstation to record and individualize huge quantities of source audio in a very short timeframe. The company runs what Director Johnnie Dymock calls radio junkets for various US television networks that are seeking to promote their new shows on radio. During these, DJs from radio stations are flown to a relevant location (such as the Bahamas in the case of The Real Gilligan's Island) to record a series of face-to-face interviews with the cast of the show.

Wired For Sound ensures that each radio station (sometimes up to 50) goes home with a one-on-one interview with every member of the cast, plus a package of edited highlights. Most times, the recording and editing is done on a single day, and the stations get an individualized USB sticks at the end of the day.

All this entails recording several hundred interviews in a very short timeframe. The way this is usually accomplished is by setting up a series of between 8 and 16 recording booths, each outfitted with mics and simple mixing consoles, installing the talent in the booths and shuffling the radio DJs past them in sequence.

The audio is recorded centrally; clips are topped, tailed and named; and comments are added on the fly. The comments help identify the best remarks for the highlight file.

The LRX2 is a multi-channel recorder and editor, capable of recording and editing up to 64 channels through a MADI interface, or 48 channels using a choice of digital and/or analog input/output cards. It runs on a standard USB2-enabled laptop/desktop PC, running Windows XP. The LRX2 comes complete with the full version of Sadie 5 software and simplified MTR package, providing a simplified, user interface for recording and editing on location.

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