WorldDMB Partners With Indy Broadcasters in France

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WorldDMB Partners With Indy Broadcasters in France

Oct 27, 2014 8:45 AM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

MARSEILLE�French broadcasters have partnered with WorldDMB to promote digital radio in that country.

Since June of this year, DAB+ broadcasts have been available in Paris (41 stations) Marseille (31 stations) and Nice (22 stations). However, there is a �great division'' of opinion between the major French broadcasting organizations (such as NRJ, RTL and Lagard�re) and smaller, independent broadcasters represented by the organizations SIRTI and SNRL, as to whether or not to promote and build digital radio systems, according to

The new alliance will promote digital radio across France, and will coordinate with automobile OEMs and electronics manufacturers to get DAB+ radios in cars and stores. It will also work with French media regulator CSA to establish a timetable for the addition of new digital stations in other cities in France, such as Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes and Lille.