WUVT Station Update: Equipment Needed

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WUVT Station Update: Equipment Needed

May 15, 2007 4:00 PM

Blacksburg, VA - May 14, 2007 - Following the support that was extended to the campus radio station at Virginia Tech, WUVT is moving ahead with its plans to upgrade its technical facilities. Clear Channel Radio, the Society of Broadcast Engineers and several other companies have offered support to the station.

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Kevin Sterne, chief engineer of WUVT, was wounded during the campus shootings on April 16. Sterne had requested that instead of flowers and gifts, support could be directed to the station to help him achieve his goal of upgrading the station and the transmitter site.

The station returned to full power at its current location in April, and attention has now turned to helping the station relocate its transmitter facility. Clear Channel Radio and the SBE have been working with WUVT General Manager Kim Foley, Business Manager William Glynn and the university in its effort to relocate the transmitter facility to a tower on Price Mountain.

Clear Channel is donating a Harris Z5 transmitter, transmitter building, antenna sufficient to generate 10kW ERP, and engineering help to WUVT to assist in the station's upgrade at Price Mountain. Through the SBE, Dane Erickson of Hammett & Edison has offered to prepare the engineering portion of the FCC filing required for the WUVT-FM upgrade. The SBE has also offered the services of it general counsel, Chris Imlay, to finalize and submit the FCC filing once signed and authorized by WUVT-FM.

Cumulus owns the tower on Price Mountain, and it is working with the station to on the details to facilitate the move to the site.

Other companies that have pledged support include Orban, Telos, Omnia, Axia, CBS, Dielectric and Electronics Research.

WUVT still seeks cash donations, and in-kind donations of equipment and services. Contact Kim Foley at 540-231-9880 or Kimfoley@vt.edu. WUVT is Virginia Tech's independent, student-run, not-for-profit radio station.

Equipment and services needed:
Digital STL transmitter receiver
STL antenna for 900MHz
Coordination of STL path
RF line and connectors for STL
Iceguard/tramway to tower for feedlines
Excavation of foundation pad for building
Slate bed for pad pour
Concrete pour
Electrical conduit and hook-ups, lighting, etc.
Additional remote control system
Additional security fencing needed around site
HD Radio modulation monitor