XM Satellite Inaugurates Performance Studio

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XM Satellite Inaugurates Performance Studio

May 9, 2002 12:00 PM

Washington DC - May 8, 2002 - XM Satellite held a conference to inaugurate its state-of-the-art performance studio on May 21, 2002. The conference was held at the XM Satellite Radio headquarters and broadcast studio complex.

Tours of XM's performance studio were given to show how the studio creates an environment that closely simulates a chamber concert hall. The performance studio is fully floating, eliminating any bleeding of sound to neighboring studios. It combines glass, metal, ceramic, wood and Fiberglas, all spaced and angled according to precise mathematical calculations, to diffuse and absorb signals. Among the design elements is a floor-to-ceiling glass wall along the broadcast corridor, which allows visitors to view working studio sessions without creating reflections that ordinarily bar the use of large expanses of glass in such spaces. The adjoining control room features a "zero-environment" chamber where a performer's sound can be recorded, mixed and remastered.