Yangaroo Updates DMDS Service

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Yangaroo Updates DMDS Service

Jul 21, 2008 9:27 AM

Yangaroo Updates DMDS Service
Toronto - Jul 18, 2008 - Yangaroo has added features and enhanced its digital media distribution system (DMDS), which record labels use to distribute songs digitally and securely to radio stations. The updates include:

  • Faster download speeds: DMDS is now integrated with a world-leading high speed and large capacity Content Delivery Network, allowing it to provide faster download speeds of high-quality audio files.
  • File attachments: Record labels using DMDS can now attach promotional materials like Word, Excel, MPEG, and PDF files to their deliveries. The attached files are available to recipients from notification emails and the DMDS Web site.
  • Custom List Importing: Users can upload and utilize their own private distribution lists within DMDS, allowing new destinations for their content to be added for private or public use.
  • Agentless Music Download: Users receive the same watermarked and secure files without installing the client side agent, granting faster access to tracks.
  • Conversion of WAV to MP3: Large WAV files can now be converted to MP3s, allowing faster and easier access to tracks for some users.
  • Portable Smart Playlists: Music and program directors can share new tracks through their playlists prior to weekly music meetings.
  • Automatic track load, images and metadata: Integration with Radio Broadcast Systems vendor OMT's industry leading Imediatouch software provides seamless ingestion of new content into a radio station's music library.
  • Rapid Registration: The registration process has been streamlined to allow new users quicker access to music through DMDS.
  • Significant investment in infrastructure technology upgrades for routing, switching and network hardware to provide improved load balancing, redundancy and horizontal scalability, including additional servers, faster processing speed and expanded storage capacity. This investment will support significant current and future growth.