Blue Sky International SAT 6.5 EXR

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Blue Sky International SAT 6.5 EXR

Aug 30, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

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Nearfield studio monitor

The SAT 6.5 EXR is a two-way, bi-amplified, 200W, nearfield, ported studio monitor, featuring two 100W amplifiers, a single 6.5" high-excursion hemispherical woofer, and a 1" dual concentric diaphragm tweeter with integral wave guide for superior off-axis response. It can be used with or without a subwoofer. The rear panel incorporates two completely independent balanced input stages with XLR connectors. The main input is for standard 80Hz bass-managed operation, and makes the SAT 6.5 EXR fully compatible with Blue Sky's SUB 12, SUB 212 and SUB 15 Universal. This input features an 80Hz high-pass network, with phase correction alter. The second Extended Range input is for applications where a sub is impractical, or as a second confidence input.

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