Digital audio workstations

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Digital audio workstations

Jun 1, 2001 12:00 PM, By Conrad Trautmann, CSRE

Portability was the DAW trend this year. Previously, manufacturers raced in order to beat each other in releasing the newest feature. Increases in sampling rates and additional plug-ins for processing and effects continue to be the competition points. This year, portable hardware was everywhere. The other major feature many manufacturers were touting was Windows 2000 compatibility.

Manufacturers such as Digidesign (Pro-Tools) and Syntrillium (Cool Edit) have provided their base software at reduced cost or even for free, and are charging a-la-carte for plug-ins and upgrades as necessary.

In the Sadie4 system software, used by the RADiA, SADiE 24-96 and the Artemis systems, Cart Chunk support has been added. This allows the system to interface to BE's Audiovault, BSI's WaveStation, ENCO's DADpro32, Pristine System's RapidFire and Scott Studio's SS32.

Sadie added support for AES31. Also introduced was the RADiA Platinum.

Fairlight has introduced a Plug-In Manager, which allows third party plug-ins to work with their software.

MediaTouch unveiled the iMediaEdit, which addresses the need for a low-cost editor that is easy to use. IMediaEdit runs in Win98/NT/2K and uses any Windows-compatible sound card. It features single button record, play, and stop commands using the function keys at the top of the keyboard.

Conrad Trautmann is vice president of engineering for Westwood One, New York City.